Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello..I'm Syndrome Down and I drinks breastmilk

Salam, this is picture of me on 7th months year old. I'm just 5kg gaining weight everyday by eating blender porridge made by my mom. I'm breastfeeding and drinks breastmilk every day. This is picture of my breastmilk stock at the refrigator. It's 13 bottles of 3 oz. I'm rarely drinks from my stock. My mother pump her milk everyday and can get at least 3 bottles fresh milk for me as she went to work. Sometimes my mother look very tired when she alone have to nurse us (my brother) and I. Sometimes she have to wake up early in the morning to pump and get fresh milk for me. Thanks mom for your kindness!
This is me with my "gangster "brother. He also drinks breastmilk but he refuse to drinks from bottle. He always got direct instead of me, who had to drinks to bottle or by cup. He very fussy brother, always said that he will share my mom milk so, when my mother nurse me then he will sat behind to nurse. My mother said she tired with him..but do not know how wean him. But thanks to my brother coz my mother's milk will full as soon as he empty it every each feeding session. Ha mother used to say like a river stream..

This is picture of me and my father and my mother. I'm cute right? Small baby in the pouch. Doctor says that i'm down snydrome baby but my mother says you just my baby who drinks breastfeed from me.

Wwwee..that's all. Be my follower if you read this entry yaaa.!


  1. Comelnya Iman!!

    Salam kenal~

    Followed you back! =)

  2. nama iman jugak yer kak???

    ala... comelnya dia...

    envy you with all ur stocks!!!!!

    chaiyok kakak!!!



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